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A modern aquaculture facility

The salmon center was established on 24 August 2009 with the aim of creating links between the coastal history that The Coastal Museum conveys and how we use the sea today.


​The sea has played an important role for Øygarden's population. It has clear ties to our identity, history and traditions. For the people of Øygarden, it was the sea that provided food and was the transport route. In the future, the sea will also play a decisive role for the inhabitants of Øygarden.


The Coastal Museum takes care of booking and payment. The tour starts with a film in the cinema hall at The Coastal Museum before a short boat trip takes you out to the pens at Blom Fiskeoppdrett location, Ljøsøy N. The guided tours here are governed by the museum's opening hours and weather conditions.


Ljøsøy N is a normal facility for the production of salmon and trout - with an additional function as a Salmon Center. We give you an insight into today's farming of salmon and trout. Here we are visited by school pupils, local people, tourists, the media, politicians and various industry-related visitors to give everyone an introduction to how fish farming takes place in Norway today.


You must contact The Coastal Museum to book trips out to the display facility.

Merder på Ljøsøy
Alan på merden
Hordagut framme
Hordagut bak
Hordagut side
Merd 7 Ljøsøy
Merd 7 på Ljøsøy, frå side

The Coastal Museum in Øygarden

The coastal museum in Øygarden is located at the old steamship quay in Ovågen in Øygarden municipality, northwest of Bergen. About a 45-minute drive from Bergen and 55 minutes from Bergen Airport.


The museum conveys knowledge about how the people of Øygarden have used the nature around them to create a basis for life and form a society. Visitors will learn about this history through exhibitions, film screenings and guided tours.

The main exhibition "Sea and wind - Earth and fire" shows how coastal people have used nature and resources over thousands of years. As a visitor, you get to know how society and daily life in this rugged town along the Westland coast have changed over time.

The coastal museum in Øygarden looks after cultural heritage in its original environment, both for the present and for the future. Next to the museum is a unique maritime environment with over 20 different sea houses and a tow of boats and tools. On the quay there is a large salt cellar from the time with a large herring fishery.

Activities at The Coastal Museum in Øygarden

On land:

  • There is a cafe in the Coastal Museum that offers food and drink

  • There is also a small museum shop

  • The coastal museum has exhibitions and facilities, inside and outside

  • Facilities for conferences, meetings and other gatherings

Other activities:

  • Canoe and rowboat hire

  • Teaching about life in the sea


Museumsvegen 9
5337, RONG

The Salmon Center:​

  • Introduction to modern aquaculture by seeing and experiencing farming

  • Nice and refreshing boat trip around the marine facility for tourists, school classes and other visitors

  • Open boat with space for 10 people

  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults, age limit 7 years

  • Boat trips may be canceled due to various operations at the facility or in bad weather


53 00 61 40

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